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See our "services" section of this website for description and photo of each individual unit.

Butler's Motel Prices:  Units  $100.00 per night, cedar cabin $150.00 per night

   All of our rooms have wi-fi, satellite T.V., private bathrooms, microwave, small refrigerator and coffee pot., and covered decks with table and chairs, located on eight acres of natural habitat, one block from the bay and about three miles from the ocean.

Reservations only made by calling 360-640-0948. 

We do not take reservations electronically

We do not go through any booking company. 

Note:  Some web sites,  (not ours) , give incorrect information.   Canada motels are not in the United States and

are not close to Neah Bay.  Port Angeles motels are not close to Neah Bay, but are approximately 75 miles away .

 Our Butler's Motel is located in Neah Bay, Washington, 98357

We are not a B&B. 

Butler's Nature Museum is located on Butler's Motel property, free admission

Butler's Inspirational Music - See page on this web sit for videos and more informaiton

Neah Bay motels and/or cabins (Not affiliated with us)

We are providing this list at a courtesy because we run out of vacancy on a regular basis.

Neah Bay Chamber of Commerce may provide helpful information 

Cape Motel & R.V. Park & camping, 360-645-2250 (Tribal owned)

Hobuck Beach resort & Camping, 360-645-2339 (Tribal owned)

Harmony Cabins, 360-640-2041

Goodnight Irene's Guest house, 360-645-2614

Apocalypto, 360-640-2192

Raven's Corner 360-640-2967

Maggie's Ocean Retreat, 360-640-1711

Hideaway Cabins and R.V. Park, 360-640- 1809

Hilden's motel (Bowman Beach), 360-645-2306 (Two or three night minimum)

Sekiu motels and/or cabins (Not affiliated with us)

Bay Motel, 360-963-2444

Chito Beach Resort, 360-963-2581

Curley's Resort Motel,  360-963-2281

Middle Point Inn, 360-963-2788

Mason's Resort (former Olson's Resort)  360-963-2311

(At Mason's, bring your own bedding and towels)

Van Ripers  Resort, 360-963-2334

Meet Our Team

We love building products for you

Nancy Butler

Nancy and Richard Butler owners

Richard Butler

Richard and Nancy Butler owners

Great bird watching

Favorite place for bird watchers